Apostille Legalization of documents. KRK, KRS,...

Our office provides comprehensive services in the scope of obtaining the Apostille clause and legalization of Polish documents for offices and foreign institutions.
On behalf of the client, we make the entire official path, providing documents to relevant authorities and obtaining appropriate certifications.


Offer of cooperation

On behalf of our clients, we will perform all activities related to the legalization of various types of polish documents for legal transactions abroad, in all required institutions.

The basic scope of our services: apostillisation (obtaining the Apostille clause), standard legalization of documents, legalisation of documents in the Polish Chamber of Commerce, certification of documents at the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), legalization of documentation in courts, offices and embassies. In addition, we will help in obtaining Apostille as well as legalizing documents in foreign institutions.

For more information, please contact us using our email address or phone.

"Apostille & Legalization of documents"
+48-786-585-595 (Poland, Warsaw)
E-mail: info.legalizacja@gmail.com

What documents do we legalize?
Certificates of Origin
Export Documents
Notarial deeds
Powers of attorney
Signatures certifications
KRS (National Court Register) transcripts
Graduation diplomas
Copies of diplomas
Certificates of graduation
School certificates
Civil status certificates
Birth certificates
Divorce judgements
Death certificates

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How to prepare documents for legalization?


Step 1. Preparation of documents for shipment Step 2. Shipment of documents Step 3. Making payment Step 4. Return of ready documents
Please prepare original documents that you want to legalize together with information in which country they will be used. Please include your contact details.
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You can send the documents to us via courier or deliver them in person. Order a courier via e-mail: info.legalizacja@gmail.com After receiving the documents, we will confirm the cost of legalization (apostillization), and then you will receive information on the payment of fees. Online payments available Ready documents will be sent to you via DHL courier, Poczta Polska
Apostille & Legalization of documents in Warsaw 
t. +48 786 585 595 (Poland, Warsaw)

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e-mail: info.legalizacja@gmail.com
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