Notarized - Sworn Translation Services in Warsaw

Sworn translations are necessary in the international circulation of documents. In our office you can receive both a certificate of authenticity of your document and a professional certified translation into any of the European languages.

We make fully correct translations of documents adapted to the official requirements of destination countries. We will translate both private and business documents, providing each one with the official seal of a sworn translator entered in the register held by the Ministry of Justice.
Therefore, by using the service package offered by our office, you gain full preparation of your documents for international use.

What languages do we translate documents into?

In our office in Warsaw, we provide certified translations of documents into all European languages. If necessary, we also translate documents from European languages into Polish. We adapt the language of our translations to the official requirements of given countries and regions.

The most popular languages to which we translate the content of documents, seals and signatures provided to us are English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Slavic languages, such as Russian, Ukrainian, Czech or Slovak. In addition, we also make perfect translations into less popular languages such as Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Finnish and Hungarian.

What documents do we translate?

In our office, we translate all documents for which we obtain Apostille and legalization. We also provide sworn translations of documents and letters irrespective of the other services in our offer. So you can get translations of the following documents:

  • official letters,
  • notarial deeds,
  • marital, birth, death, marriage certificates,
  • court judgments
  • powers of attorney,
  • certificates and diplomas and their copies, duplicates and supplements,
  • documents from KRK (the National Register of Condemned) and KRS (the National Court Register),
  • commercial and export documents,
  • invoices.

What are the prices of sworn translations of documents in our office?

The prices of our translations depend on several factors. These include the number of original pages, the target or source language, if different from Polish, the type of document and the mode of the translation. In addition to regular translations, we also offer express translations, which we do after individual valuation of the order.
In addition, translations into less popular languages are more expensive, and translations into languages such as English, French or German are provided at the lowest price.

Why should you order certified translations from us?

Asking us to translate documents is a decision that can bring many benefits. The arguments that prompt you to take advantage of our offer are:

  • convenient possibility of using combined Apostille or legalization and translation services by the same office on one bill,
  • saving time that could be spent looking for separate translation specialists and obtaining authentication certificates,
  • guarantee of full linguistic, stylistic and substantive correctness of all the translated texts, seals and signatures,
  • a wide range of languages in which we translate
  • full adaptation of the wording and form of translation to the requirements of foreign offices,
  • certification with a seal of the sworn translator of a given language,
  • very good price.

Choose quality and convenience and order a certified translation from our office

By deciding to translate your documents in our office, you get a guarantee of quality, correctness and adaptation of their sound and form to the requirements of foreign offices. What's more, using the combined services of acquiring Apostille and translating documents means saving even more time and energy, because you no longer have to look for specialists for each of these services separately.
Order a translation from an experienced sworn translator from our office. Enjoy maximum benefits and convenience from the comprehensive care provided by our team of professionals.

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