Apostille and legalization of documents in Krakow

Apostille and legalization of documents Kraków (Cracow)

Apostille is a special clause placed on a document that certifies the authenticity of the signature of the person issuing the document. It is used in the countries belonging to the Hague Convention. Legalization of documents is a procedure by which a document issued by an authority of one country is recognized by the authorities of another country. The Apostille & Legalization of Documents Company specializes in providing comprehensive services related to obtaining the Apostille clause and legalizing Polish documents so that they are valid in foreign offices and institutions. We cooperate with a number of offices and institutions, such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies, consulates, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Transport, etc. We offer our services to people from Kraków (Cracow) and the immediate vicinity of this city.

Legalization and obtaining Apostille – services

For your convenience, we take care of all formalities related to both processes. We perform our tasks quickly, efficiently and on time, always taking care of your privacy and confidentiality of the data contained in the documents.

  • Obtaining an Apostille - we will always make sure that your documents are properly authenticated to be valid in Hague Convention countries.
  • Legalization of documents - we make sure that your documents are recognized by institutions and bodies of countries that are not parties to the Hague Convention.
  • Certification of the authenticity of documents - we effectively obtain certificates from the National Criminal Register and the National Court Register, which may be crucial for your foreign interests.
  • Sworn translations - our team of professional translators is ready to provide accurate translations of your documents into various European languages.

Why is it worth using our services?

The key advantages of our office include experience and professionalism. Additionally:

  • we offer comprehensive care for your case,
  • we enable easy online ordering and payment,
  • we provide transport of documents by courier,
  • thanks to the excellent location of our office in Kraków (Cracow), we quickly reach important offices,
  • we offer express services.

We guarantee acceptance of our services by all foreign institutions.
Don't hesitate! Take advantage of our experience to simplify and speed up the process of legalizing your documents. Contact us and entrust your matters to us and this will save your time and nerves. You’re welcome to use our services!