Apostille and legalization of documents in Szczecin

Apostille and legalization of documents Szczecin

When you need to validate your documents in order to use them abroad, two key concepts arise: apostille and document legalization. But what exactly do they mean? An Apostille is a clause confirming the authenticity of the signature on a document. It is valid in countries that are part of the Hague Convention. If you want your documents to be recognized by countries outside this convention, you need legalization of the documents.

At Apostille & Document Legalization, we offer comprehensive assistance in both of these procedures. Thanks to our services, your documents will be recognized almost anywhere in the world. Our office is located in Szczecin.


Do you want to know what exactly we do? Below we present our offer.

  • Obtaining an Apostille - we deal with obtaining the appropriate clause. Therefore, we guarantee that your document will be recognized in the countries belonging to the Hague Convention.
  • Legalization of documents - we enable recognition of your documents in countries outside the Hague Convention.
  • Certificate of authenticity of documents - certificates from the National Criminal Register and National Court Register, which are necessary for many cases abroad.
  • Sworn translations - our translators will precisely translate your documents.

Why is it worth using our services?

Thanks to our many years of experience, we offer comprehensive support in the process of preparing documents for international circulation. We understand the needs of modern customers. That's why we make it possible to complete all formalities online in a simple and intuitive way. To save your time and comfort, we offer courier services that speed up the entire process. We cooperate with many key institutions, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies, consulates, the National Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Transport.

We invite you to take advantage of our offer and see yourself the high standard of the services we provide. We guarantee satisfaction and certainty that your documents will be valid abroad.