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Do you know how you can get a (shortened(abridged)/full(complete)) copy of the personal status certificate: birth, marriage, death or marital status certificate? On the day when the Superintendent Registrar registers birth, marriage or death, you will receive an abridged copy of the certificate free of charge. Each subsequent copy of the act is payable and we have to pay a stamp duty for it. There are two ways to obtain the document: in a paper or electronic form.

Who is entitled to obtain the document at the Registry Office

  • Everyone affected by this document and that person's spouse;
  • Siblings, descendants (descendants of a given person: children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren), ascendants (family members a given person comes from: parents, grandparents, great-grandparents);
  • Legal representative or legal guardian and other natural and legal persons (court, prosecutor's office,…).

You can submit an application for a copy of the marital status certificate in person or through a proxy (a power of attorney is required). We are a company that has been providing help in obtaining copies of documents and certificates for our clients for many years.

What expenses you will incur

  • PLN 22 - for an abridged (shortened) copy of the certificate of personal status (also for a multilingual copy in a paper form);
  • PLN 33 - for a complete copy of the marital status certificate;
  • PLN 17 - for a power of attorney;
  • PLN 100 - for our agency;
  • the cost of the DHL courier service (PLN 60 to European Union countries, about PLN 200-250 to the USA, Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan, ...).

The fee is paid in advance into our company account

What is the waiting time

If the file is in the electronic central registry of civil status - within 7 calendar days from the date on which the application was received by the office. The acts are drawn up in the register from March 1, 2015. Acts drawn up in paper books before this date must be transferred to it. Therefore, it may take more time. If the record is in the archives, it may take up to 30 days.

What documents can be collect by us for you from the Registry Office

Shortend(abridged)copy of the act (shows the current content of the act, takes into account any changes made to the act):

    • birth,
    • stillbirth,
    • marriage,
    • death,
    • multilingual shortened (abridged) copy

      Complete copy of the act (contains more information than the abridged one - it is an exact copy of the content of the marital status certificate at the time of its preparation, together with the content of subsequent entries (amendments)):

    • birth,
    • marriage,
    • death,
    • death of a person with unknown identity.

Legalization (apostille) of birth, marriage, marital status and death certificates.

Foreigners are very often faced with the problem of putting an apostille on the birth certificate of a child who was born in Poland or on another document issued by a registry office in Poland. Today this process lasts about two weeks, and to fix it parents need to travel to Warsaw twice, first to submit the application, and then to pick up the ready document. In addition, one should not forget that after the apostillization, you also need to make a sworn translation of the apostilled certificate into a foreign language, English, German, French, etc. Cooperating with us, you will not have to waste your precious time in vain. Sending us the original document you will receive both, the apostille service and sworn translation in one place.

Apostille & Legalization of documents in Warsaw 
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