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Apostille Legalization of documents - what do we do?

Our office in Warsaw provides comprehensive services in the scope of obtaining the Apostille clause and legalization of Polish documents for offices and foreign institutions. On behalf of the client, we make the entire official path, providing documents to relevant authorities and obtaining appropriate certifications.

We carry out all works quickly, efficiently and on time, ensuring the highest quality of our services. We also take care of the confidentiality of our clients' data and the data contained in the documents.

Services provided in the scope of preparation of documents for foreign circulation

By using the services of our office, you get a comprehensive offer ensuring full preparation of documents for international circulation. It includes not only certification of the authenticity of documents in various offices, but also their professional translations.

The full range of our services is:

  • obtaining an Apostille ,
  • legalization of documents,
  • certifying the authenticity of documents from KRK (National Register of Condemned) (National Register of Condemned) and KRS (National Court Register),
  • sworn translations of documents into European languages.

What offices and institutions do we cooperate with?

Obtaining an Apostille or legalization clause requires cooperation with various offices and institutions depending on the type of document. If more than one document is legalized, you may need to go to several different bodies. The offices and institutions from which we obtain the appropriate seals include:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
  • consulates and embassies,
  • Ministry of National Defense,
  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education,
  • Polish Chamber of Commerce,
  • Ministry of Justice,
  • Ministry of Transport,
  • Ministry of National Education and school superintendents,
  • National Academic Exchange Agency.

Why work with us?

The process of preparing documents for international legal circulation can be time consuming. It requires personal access to the appropriate institution, and even to several different offices. Just accomplishment of formalities at the office can also be a source of stress.
Using the services of experienced professionals, you can shorten the duration of the entire process, as well as save time on personal queuing and moving along jammed streets of Warsaw. For this reason, it is worth contacting our company because:

  • we provide a wide range of related services, providing comprehensive care for the client's case;
  • we offer a convenient option for ordering and making online payments;
  • we provide the option of delivering documents to us and returning to the client via courier, which significantly reduces the time of order processing;
  • our headquarters is located in Marszałkowska Street in Warsaw, in close proximity to important offices and institutions, which means that the time of the service is shortened by our quick access;
  • we provide all services on time, and in order to accelerate the process finalization, we also offer express services;
  • we provide legalization, Apostille and translation accepted by all foreign institutions.

Contact a professional expert and get legalization or Apostille much faster

Placing an order using our form and entrusting us with obtaining official certification of your documents, you save valuable time and a lot of stress. It is worth relying on our experience and maximally streamlining the entire process.

Take advantage of the services of a professional company and speed up the legalization of your documents, saving time for matters that you need to do in person.

Apostille & Legalization of documents in Warsaw 
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