Legalization of documents in Warsaw - Poland

Legalization of documents is a process to be followed by documents that will ultimately be involved in legal transactions in some countries. Legalization is required for documents that we want to use in any of the countries that are not signatories to the Hague Convention on the abolition of the requirement to legalize foreign public documents.

Appropriate credentials are obtained from various offices competent for a given document, and at the end they usually get certified by a diplomatic mission of a given country in Poland.
Thanks to obtaining legalization, the owner of documents can freely use them abroad for the purpose of employment, getting married or doing business.

In which offices and institutions do we obtain the legalization of documents?

Documents submitted in order to obtain their legalization may require certification from various offices and institutions of the Republic of Poland. The process usually begins at the office for which they are competent, and ends at the diplomatic mission of the country in which they are to be used.

For example, university diplomas should be submitted to the ministries to which the university is subject. Commercial documents are presented in the Polish Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
When preparing documents for legalization, it should be remembered that confirmation of some of them can only be obtained at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These include, but are not limited to, documents of sworn translators, for example confirmation of their qualifications or inclusion on the list, documents from the National Court Register or a request for criminal record.

Why is it worth using agency in legalizing documents?

Legalization of documents for the purposes of using them in foreign offices is a process that you can implement yourself. However, this requires many hours spent commuting around crowded Warsaw and standing in queues in offices. In addition, you also need to know where to go with the document. If you want to obtain the legalization of more than one document, one mistake can significantly delay the finalization of the entire process.

To speed up legalization as much as possible, it is worth using the services of an expert. You gain through this:

  • the time you can spend on other plans or completing other formalities,
  • the ability to continue your business without downtime,
  • the comfort of staying at home instead of feverish dealing with official matters,
  • certainty of obtaining legalization of documents in the shortest possible time without unnecessary complications,
  • guarantee of protection of your data,
  • a convenient option to use a sworn translation in the same office,
  • comprehensive care of the entire process at an affordable price.

How much does legalization of documents cost?

Legalization of documents is subject to a stamp duty of PLN 26. However, this is not the entire cost yet, as it often turns out that the country in which we intend to use the certified document also requires a sworn translation. If you use the services of intermediary companies, you have to add their service fee to the stamp duty and translation price. It is worth remembering that relying on their, we invest in efficient overcoming formalities and save a lot of time we would spend standing in queues and getting to individual institutions.

Use the services of an expert and get legalization faster and more efficiently

Do not waste time on commuting and queuing in offices - go for professional service of professionals and spend your valuable time to complete other formalities. Contact our office and use the services of an intermediary to save your time and get your documents legalized as soon as possible.