Apostille - Warsaw - Poland

We obtain the Apostille seal for all private or business official documents. Documents certified by the clause can be submitted to the authorities of the states being parties to the Hague Convention of 1961 abolishing the requirement of legalisation for foreign public documents. With the Apostille clause such documents do not require any further verification. We also make sworn translations of all types of documents.

What documents do we obtain an Apostille for?

We obtain Apostille clauses for a wide range of documents, including commercial and official documents, notarial deeds, documents from KRK (the National Register of Condemned) and KRS (the National Court Register), diplomas, etc. Among others there are:

  • commercial contracts, invoices, export documents, copies from the National Court Register and CEIDG (Central Registration and Information on Business);
  • marital status certificates, birth, death and marriage certificates, court judgments;
  • notary deeds and powers of attorney;
  • certificates of acquired qualifications, including school and university diplomas and certificates, their copies, duplicates and supplements to diplomas, as well as university certificates, master's diplomas, craft certificates and documents issued by art schools;
  • documents from the National Court Register, including a criminal record of a person or company, for crimes against the environment, criminal record certificates needed to obtain a visa and others.

What does the process of getting Apostille look like?

The process of obtaining the Apostille seal is not complicated, but it can be a bit time-consuming, especially when you decide to apply on your own.
To obtain a seal, you need to follow these steps:

  • preparation of documents;
  • completing the application for certification with the Apostille clause of official documents intended for legal transactions abroad;
  • making the stamp duty;
  • collecting a document certified by the clause - in person at the office or by post.

What documents require legalization before applying for an Apostille?

Before submitting some documents for the Apostille seal, you may need to obtain legalization. This is, among others, necessary for the following documents:

  • master diplomas and craft certificates;
  • doctoral and habilitation diplomas awarded by research or scientific institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences or by international scientific institutes;
  • notary and court documents;
  • commercial documents.

How long does it take to get the Apostille seal?
The time taken to obtain the Apostille may vary depending on whether we perform all activities in person, by mail, or with the help of an experienced expert.
The process of obtaining an Apostille usually takes:

  • 1 day, if we submit the application and the document in person at the office;
  • 2-3 weeks if we do it by way of correspondence;
  • a few hours to one day if we use help of an experienced company.

 Why is it worth to use the services of an expert when applying for the Apostille?

Using professional mediation to obtain the Apostille seal on documents intended for international circulation can mean a great saving of time and effort. It is worth using this time to prepare for the trip or to complete other formalities that require personal appearance at the office.

The most important reasons why you should use our services as part of applying for the Apostille seal are:

  • certainty of obtaining an officially certified document within the agreed time period;
  • guarantee of quick and efficient completion of formalities;
  • possibility of using certified translation service;
  • the possibility of using combined services of our office (legalization and Apostille ) for documents that require pre-authentication;
  • saving time spent in queues and getting to individual institutions;
  • the ability to focus on other matters and collect documents at your own home via the agency of a courier;
  • favorable price for the service and for combined services.

Place an order to obtain the Apostille seal and gain time to take care of your other matters

Contact us to get help in obtaining an Apostille and accelerate your preparations for departure. We provide comprehensive service for the entire process, including professional document translations. Thus, we save your time so that you can take care of all other formalities before leaving or sending documents.